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Stones and Crystals for Healing Anxiety, Trauma and Depression

Crystals and Stones can often soothe the emotions as one goes through a healing process. As a mental health professional and natural health practitioner, clients often ask me what stones and crystals assist with healing anxiety, trauma and depression. I am by no means a crystal expert, but I too love crystals and stones, and I share with you here what I have learned The list of healing stones and their benefits are exhaustive. I recommend that individuals do their own research to see what “calls" to them for their particular need. But, below you will find a list of healing stones to get you started. The list contains a few of my personal favorites.

How to use Crystals and Stones:

Crystals and stones can be used in numerous ways; they may be worn on the body as jewelry, or carried in medicine bags, or even tucked into your clothes. They may be held in the hand while praying or meditating; placed on an altar or window sill; made into an elixir by soaking them in purified water and then dr