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Using the Laws of Attraction

Employing the Laws of Attraction, along with the use of Creative Visualization can draw into one's life that which they deeply desire; and that which is truly meant to be for them. People use the Laws of Attraction to work in the areas of: life goals, career, love/relationships, wealth, positive mental health, physical health, energy, smoking cessation, weight loss and more! Using the laws of attraction becomes a lifestyle and a change of perception that lasts a lifetime.

There are many concepts behind the proper use of Laws of Attraction. They can be easy to bullet, as I have below, but each concept has to be focused upon in depth and with real soul reflection. This can take some time, and we’re always evolving, so using the Laws of Attraction becomes a lifestyle of staying in touch with your personal truth as you grow. The platform behind using the Laws of Attraction is truly knowing oneself. Listening to your own intuition and following your personal truth is imperative. It is a journey of connecting with one's higher self to understand the Soul's Purpose, and follow it. That is not to say that you shouldn’t take advise from others, but do discern what they want for you, and listen to your own intuition as to whether it is right for you or not. Pay attention to your gut instincts and learn to hear the voice of your higher self. Believe that there is something bigger out there that loves and cares for you, and orchestrates your life for a higher purpose. Use faith and live life with an “Attitude of Gratitude.

I have read many articles and books that tell us how to use the Laws of Attraction. And I don’t readily disagree with anything anyone out there has said. This is a very positive approach to living life. My personal approach however really focuses on Spirituality and Mental Health. “We are all here for a God-Given purpose” and “we are all in this together”. It is all divinely laid out; all we have to do is use faith and follow the plan. Then all that we could ever desire, and more, will truly be ours (so easily said, right!). Nobody said it would be easy- it’s work! But is how we grow and come to deeply appreciate what we receive.

Some people may feel they are not achieving their goals at the pace they’d like when using Laws of Attraction. If you’re getting stuck, you likely need to do some soul searching and maybe some mental or spiritual detox. A good therapist is always useful if you need a little help!

I strongly recommended studying, meditating and growing in the following areas as you begin working with the Laws of Attraction. There are multitudes of readings on the topic. Meditation, increased spiritual awareness and analysis exercises will assist your growth. Reiki and other alternative forms of nature healing can be a great accompaniment in understanding yourself, and you limitations, as you follow these pointers:

Firstly, increase focus upon your intuition. Learn to know the truth within yourself, and what is right for you in all situations- big and small. Start the habit of pausing when you are about to make a decision and ask yourself, “what do I feel about what I am about to choose; and is it right for me”?

  • Through meditation, find, and listen continually to your higher self. As you practice this more and more, you will soon automatically hear your higher self in your “awake world”.

  • We attract most that which we "feel" about. In other words, using the Laws of Attraction is more about feeling what you want, rather than just visualizing it.

  • The use of Gratitude is extremely important to the success of your work when using the Laws of Attraction. Gratitude is a “bridge” that helps you go from negative thinking to positive thinking. It increases your faith systematically.

  • The principle of Sharing is a concept should be understood and practiced. Keep the mindset that what you desire, you wish to have in order to share with others. Receiving, in order to share with others (in healthy ways), is the correct form of receiving. And it keeps the giving flow coming from the Universe.

  • Focus on what is right for you; look for your "calling" in all things. Be true to yourself. Respects the wisdom and advise of others, but do not follow another’s selfish expectations, needs or opinions. Being true to yourself, and knowing the right thing to do -in all things, big and small- is where the use of intuition really comes into play.

  • As you meditate, and even as you daydream about that which your desire, use the attitude that everything comes to you "easily and effortlessly". See and feel all obstacles being overcome, somehow, someway.

  • Use the attitude/prayer that “all that comes, comes in the best interest of all involved, and according to divine plan". We ARE all connected and the only way to work correctly with the Laws of Attraction is with the attitude that we cannot be selfish in what we desire. We can negatively affect others if we do not have the mindset of drawing that which is best for everyone it will affect. Having a selfish mindset is like sending a personal invitation to Negative Karma!

  • Using the law of attraction is a “play out” of your Soul's purpose; meaning, no matter what you're working on, every part of you will be affected for your highest good.

  • Become [painfully] aware of your fears and doubts and how they may keep you from achieving that which you are trying to attract. Hit those difficult emotions head-on to remove the obstacles before you. A therapist and some energy healing can help you heal past pains and traumas that feed fear and doubt. Healing negative experiences is a necessary part of your soul’s growth in order for you to fully receive what the Universe has for you.

  • There is another law in the universe, the law of duality. In order to receive, we must be willing to give away. Become aware of that which you must give away in order to receive you want..... as an example, if you want a college degree, you must be willing to give away some free time.

  • Live life with the attitude that what you want to receive is already present in your life; that you have what you want, here and now.

  • Turn negative thinking into a positive analysis. Believe that the obstacles that come your way are there to push you along in the right direction of your soul’s purpose. The Universe is guiding you, learn to discern the purpose behind life experiences.

  • When you visualize, do it generally. The universe may have something even better in store for you than the specific thing you are trying to see. Something like: “bring to me my soulmate; the one who is right for me”, rather than, “make (insert name) fall in love with me”.

  • Work with positive affirmations daily

I would love to hear your feed back and your questions. Please post your responses.

© Lora Coleman 2018

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