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Crystal Properties by Color

Colors and Shapes of Crystals

Working with Colors, you can look for stones that assist with your particular need. The following are a few suggestions, but possibilities are endless’

White Stones-Crown Chakra

White stones help with cohesiveness, innocence, freedom, hope, unity, illumination, illumination, purity and releasing inhibitions.

Some suggested White Stones: moonstone, white calcite, white leopard light

Black Stones

Use for mystery, security, transformation, release of self-doubt and protection.

Stone black stone suggestions: Hematite, black agate, black tourmaline, black obsidian and onyx

Violet Stones- Third Eye Chakra

Use for Spiritual connection, meditation, third eye work, intuition, clairvoyance, inspiration, breaking addictions, working with what's in your heart

Some suggested violet stones: Amethyst and lepidolite

Indigo Stones

For personal maturity, personal power/magic development, experience, judgment, long life and prestige, shamanic journey work

Indigo stone suggestions: Indigo Gab

bro (mystical Merlinite) soda light, aura quartz, tanzanite, iolite

Blue Stones - Throat Chakra

Use for trust, spiritual cleansing, self-assurance, sincerity, connecting with animals, order, faith, obedience, maintaining beliefs, overcoming in insecurity, communication, angelic connection, calming, assists writers with communication.

Blue stone suggestions: sodalite, lapis lazuli, blue topaz, angelate, celestite, sapphire

Red Stones - Root Chakra

Use red stones for action, energy, achieving glory, enhancing action, increasing drive, determination, Conviction, courage, exploration, self-worth, issues/trauma with family of origin, fearlessness, inner strength, grounding

Red stone suggestions: Jasper, garnet, ruby, red tiger's eye

Pink Stones- Upper Heart Chakra

Use for commitment, giving and receiving love, romance, sensuality, processing loss, trauma, anxiety, depression and loss of love.

Pink stone suggestions: Pink opal, rose quartz, pink tourmaline, pink calcite

Orange Stones- Sacral Chakra

Use for celebration, joy, pleasure, sexuality, elevation, balancing emotions, decreasing depression, increasing creativity, decreasing grief and sorrow

Orange stone suggestions: Carnelian, Orange calcite, Indian sunset turquoise, sunstone, jasper, soapstone

Yellow Stones - Solar Plexus Chakra

Use for a lightness, happiness, optimism, optimism, realism, clarity, openness and warmth.

Yellow stone suggestions: yellow citrine, yellow opal, yellow Jasper, honey calcite, tigers eye

Green Stones - Heart Chakra

Use for nurturing, growth, new beginnings, productivity, health, forgiveness, creative productivity, renewal

Green stones suggestions: Emerald, green fluorite, crysophrase, Jade, Malachite, peridot, green calcite


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