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In order to Manifest what we want, the desired outcome must the Chakra Test.

We must be able to:

Think about it = crown chakra

Visualize it = third eye,

Speak about it from the place of personal truth = throat chakra

Want or loved the idea = heart chakra

Feel powerful in ability to acquire it = solar plexus

Feel worthy and that is deserved = sacral chakra,

And it then brought into being; manifested = root chakra

(Maryann Munroe)


First, create a list of ATTRIBUTES that you'd like to draw into your life around a manifestation wish (people, a new career, a new home, a soul mate, a new attitude, healing... the possibilities are endless).

The list might look like, "I want to manifest a new home". And the "attributes" are:

* It's in this neighborhood_______________

*In the price range _______________

* wanted features in the home ______________ ________________ & __________

* I'll have good neighbors......

and so on

If you don't have a specific 'Thing" in mind, you may ask for particular feelings you'd like to foster, ex. "I call into my life situation/circumstances that help me grow feelings of ____list feelings_____"

1)Use a white candle that you'll light daily. As you see this candle burning through the day, it is a visual reminder of what you are working on drawing, as well as your connection to the Creator, who is hearing your prayer and assisting you- even if it means that "assisting you" can be a lesson for growth sometimes.

Light the candle daily and say/do the gratitude work outlined below.

2) Keep your list under this white candle, then pull it out every day to read the list aloud in a prayerful way.

* you can also surround your list/candle with programmed crystals/stones, spirit animals, fetishes- anything to enhance good energy for your manifestation work** I do reiki work on my list and "helping objects"

Each day, light your white candle while saying a prayer to connect to the Creator, then Say-

"Thank you God for bringing into my life, here and now, my best version of having ____YOUR DESIRE HERE_____________. I thank you for bringing me someone/something that you have divinely planned, in my best interest, and holds the qualities of______________READ YOUR LIST_____________".

(These are my words, say what feels right to you). ABOVE ALL, Have the attitude and grow the feeling (feelings are actually what and attract or repel what you are looking for) that what is right for you ALREADY exists. You "draw it" with personal work, gratitude, faith and a connection with your Creator.


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