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Theta Healing for Healthy Weight

Reasons Why People May Struggle with Weight and Health

The impact (known or unknown) of the "Four Levels of Self", as see through Theta Healing arts- Core, Soul, History and Ancestorial- with their instilled beliefs and experiences that have impacted the relationship with food

Unhealthy and unbalanced diets

As we age we may eat the same or more calories, but we move less

Lack of exercise

Thyroid problems or other health issues

Inflammation in the body

Mental health problems, such as depression, anxiety and trauma

Especially for women: abuse and ancestral programming that sex is shameful. Feelings of guilt related to one's sexuality

Ancestral programming that physical heaviness equates to wealth, power and safety

Medication, particularly steroids and antidepressants

The presence of heavy metals or parasites in the body

Follow-Up After the Theta Healthy Weight Healing Session

After experiencing the Theta Healing Session, following up with continued work and focus will reinforce your experience and positive results, It is suggested that you:

Schedule Individual Theta healing for Intuitive Reading and Healing, Belief Testing and Replacement and Individual Spiritual Guidance on what to do to support healing.

Special Theta Healing Meditations: Sending Love to the Baby in the Womb, Healing the Broken Soul

Continue to work with Weight Healing Affirmations.

If you are slimming down, use the words, “I am becoming thinner”, “I am reducing weight”. Do not choose the words “I am losing weight”. When we lose something, it is our subconscious natural instinct to go looking for it!

Do Theta Healing on conditions related to weight issues, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, circulation problems, thyroid problems, arthritis and diabetes. Being overweight can even attribute to dementia and some forms of cancer. Different illnesses can be a roadmap to what is being held in the subconscious mind and needs to be released.

Use Meditation and Creative Visualization to achieve weight goals.

Do Clearing and Release work, like Reiki energy healing to release stored trauma and pain from The Body, Mind and Spirit

Get to understand your weight gain/loss from a logical perspective. Create a timeline; go back to the first time you recall gaining/losing weight and document the approximate date and what was happening in your life at that time. Moving forward in time, document times that you have gained or lost weight and what was happening in your life. Look for emotional connections and patterns.

Use Talk Therapy to discuss where it's coming from and what you were learning about yourself in the healing process. Seek out better coping mechanisms.

Begin moving more. Start with walking then move up to yoga, biking or enjoyable exercise. There are great YouTube videos to assist you. Keep in mind that when starting a new exercise program, toxins may be released into the body causing the person to feel bad at first. Push through this important detox phase to acquire a new level of energy. Use teas and an organic diet to support the detox period.

Find a healthy, well balanced eating plan that works for YOU. If you don’t like a particular diet, or it’s too restrictive, you might not stick with it. Be realistic! It’s ok if it takes time.

Journal what you are eating (and how it makes you feel) and find someone to help make you accountable. This might mean working together with a friend or family member.

Stop the "owning" of negative attributes- both verbally and internally. Meaning, stop saying "I am fat", “I can’t lose weight”, "I am overweight/ill/unhealthy/tired/miserable/sad/depressed/ugly", or "my family is overweight, so I will be too", "my family has heart disease, so it's normal for me to get sick", and so on. Break the chain of owning that which you don't want.

Start speaking what you do want! Affirm "positive I am language" to accept and receive Theta Healing, such as "I am getting healthier and healthier every day" and. "I am healed, Body Mind and Spirit". “My genetic line is healed”, "I easily release excess weight". "I have plenty of energy everyday". "I feel happy and joyful", “I learn better ways to cope”, “I deserve to be healthy”!

Also adopt the healthy behaviors of the person you are choosing to become. What does the healthy, thin you sound like? Look like? Like to do? Live your life transformed in all ways.

Try seeing the unhealthy relationship with food as you would see a person who is unhealthy for you. Hopefully, you would try to disconnect from an unhealthy relationship and understand why it’s important. Put your behavior with food "outside" of yourself. Don't accept it as a "part" of who you are.


Here are a few examples- create or find ones that work well with you.

My body knows God's definition of my perfect body weight

My body knows God's definition of the perfect eating Style for my body

I am easily able to hear and follow my body's knowledge as to what is right for me

I am worthy and deserve deserve to be thin and attractive

It is safe for me to be thin and attractive

I am emotionally safe and protected even when thin

I easily release any negative effects of judgment and criticism from others related to my weight.

My ancestral line is genetically healed to be thin and healthy.

My children, grandchildren and further Generations are cleared for perfect health and body weight.

Medications that I take are imbued with the Creator's love and light and work to the highest and best interest of my body.


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