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Blue Skies

Making An Appointment


Welcome to my Practice. 

If you'd like to start services or return to my practice, here are some helpful pointers...

*I'm most easily reached by text- 305-298-6561. You will get the fastest response if you text me. However, you can also email me at

*I do offer in person AND telehealth sessions, although I often have more availability/flexibility through telehealth. A hybrid might also be possible.

*To book an appointment, I'll ask for a picture of the front and back of your insurance card, along with your DOB to check your benefits and copayment. We'll also book an appointment at that time.

*If you reach me through text, I will also need your email address to send you paperwork for my office. Once completed, please email paperwork back to me before our appointment. If you are coming in person, you can bring completed paperwork with you

I do accept most forms of most major insurances as well as Self-Pay clients.

Text or email me for inquiries or to set up an appointment!

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