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Stones and Crystals for Healing Anxiety, Trauma and Depression

Crystals and Stones can often soothe the emotions as one goes through a healing process. As a mental health professional and natural health practitioner, clients often ask me what stones and crystals assist with healing anxiety, trauma and depression. I am by no means a crystal expert, but I too love crystals and stones, and I share with you here what I have learned The list of healing stones and their benefits are exhaustive. I recommend that individuals do their own research to see what “calls" to them for their particular need. But, below you will find a list of healing stones to get you started. The list contains a few of my personal favorites.

How to use Crystals and Stones:

Crystals and stones can be used in numerous ways; they may be worn on the body as jewelry, or carried in medicine bags, or even tucked into your clothes. They may be held in the hand while praying or meditating; placed on an altar or window sill; made into an elixir by soaking them in purified water and then drinking them for their properties, or bathing with the elixir. They can be sewn into pillowcases, placed by or under your bed, or buried in the ground around your home. You can also use them for your pets, by sewing them into their blankets or pillows when you are away from them or they are ill. Again, do your research in accordance to your needs as uses are endless.




Heals the emotional body. Soothes trauma and calms the mind. Alleviates worries, fears, anger and irritability. Soothes the emotions during a healing process, directing negative emotions into a more positive action. Decreases aggression in one's personality. Quickens the desire to seek emotional balance. Improves self-esteem, especially for women. Reduces tendencies to self-neglect. Enhances communication and helps one identify how their spoken words create their reality- assists in learning how to use a more positive vocabulary to align with a more positive reality. Helps one set boundaries and become self-disciplined in establishing healthy relationships with others. Assists in communication of one's thoughts and feelings without becoming overly emotional. Allows you to peacefully see a problem from another person's point of view. Helps overcome the feeling of loneliness. Brings happiness in marriage.

Deeply stimulates both the heart and throat chakra. Helps one find their personal truth and communicated it in loving ways. Provides clarity when we are out of touch with our personal truth. Increases empowerment to manifest our dreams and desires buy magnifying the power of our intentions. Hold this stone in your hand and speak your intentions aloud, in an affirmative manner, to increase manifestation energy.

Amazonite is a “geographic filter crystal”, meaning it can block and protect you from environmental stress and pollution, cellphone emanations and microwave and other electromagnetic debris. Place it next to your electronic devices or even attach it to your cell phone.

In the workplace, amazonite can dispel negative energy and protect your business transactions.


Is good for courage, healing, recovery and stress relief. Protects against nightmares. Transmutes emotions. Useful for sobriety. Good to use in meditation to increase intuition, connect to the spiritual planes or open the third eye.

Black Tourmaline

Is best known as a protective stone that blocks negative energy of others and your environment. It is grounding and reduces anxiety and stress. Soothing for trauma survivors.

Sleep with black tourmaline in your pillowcase to purify and cleanse your emotional body of negative thoughts, anger, feelings of worthlessness or anxiety. Use it to help you overcome substance abuse, suicidal thoughts or self-harming tendencies. It may aid in obsessive compulsive thoughts and behaviors and release chronic worry.


Brings the energy of boldness, warmth, joy and empowerment. The stone for motivation and endurance, leadership and encourage. Helps replace depression with joy. Lifts the mood and can provide deep emotional detoxification. Supports the root chakra and provides grounding and healing of childhood traumas.


Helps absorb negative energy. Attracts positive energy into the aura field. Aids the body by reflecting the regenerative power of the Sun. Elicits a more positive mindset. A stone for manifesting self-empowerment during changes and life transitions. May remove destructive thoughts and tendencies while improving feelings of self-worth and self-esteem.

Supports the solar plexus chakra, opening one to their personal strength and sense of purpose.


The stone of communication. Supports the throat chakra in expressing what is in the heart. Initiates the release and effects of negative energies. This stone dispels fear and guilt. Balances emotions. Helps you “find your voice”. Aids you on your path of personal power and helps you express your feelings and needs. Opens one to their innate understanding and inner wisdom. Calms and eases emotional heartache. Can increase the capacity to love. Helps re-align the physical body with the intellect and emotions, therefore increasing self-awareness and imbuing personal power.

A grounding stone that is useful in meditations and prevents one from feeling like they are “drifting away”, or losing touch with the conscious mind during meditation.


Helpful for anxiety and panic attacks. The stone provides a protective barrier around its user and assists in physical and emotional recovery.

Lapis Lazuli

Increases coping with panic attacks. It shields against negative energy and returns projected ill will to its source. Aids in expression of feelings and emotions. Brings clarity and the courage to face the truth.

Helps to open the third eye and bring physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects into balance. Alleviates depression. Helps one find their inner truth and promotes their self-awareness with acceptance and knowledge. Brings to the surface anything that may suppress self-improvement, such as repressed anger and negative emotions, therefore freeing one up for personal growth.


Powerful stone for survivors of abuse and trauma. Helps with coping and processing. Gently opens the pathway for moving past the event(s). Dissolves fear of the unknown or repressed memories of the psyche. Helps recover the lost parts of oneself (lost as a result of trauma). Seems to easily provide answers to problems. Provides calm mind and positive state of being. Instills hope and emotional distance from the trauma. Helps one move forward with a clearer perspective.

Boosts imagination. Assists in shamanic journeys. Balances the male/female traits in one’s character.


Soothing Stone. Eases trauma, anxiety, panic attacks and depression. Dissolves emotional blockages and anger, allowing healing to occur. Helps to transition depression into joy. Helpful in healing addiction. Contains trace amounts of lithium (keep this in mind if you are taking medications), which aids in emotional imbalance and sleep disorders. An appropriate stone for those who experience bipolar mood swings.

This stone absorbs and blocks negative and/or obsessive thoughts. Opens the throat, heart, third eye and Crown chakras. Helps you make good choices, with clarity and confidence. A stone for transition that gently supports changes in emotions and behaviors.


A grounding stone that protects the user against negative environmental energy and psychic attacks. Aids in the growth of self-discovery and "knowing" oneself. Has truth enhancing properties. An aid for overly sensitive people. Releases irritability, restlessness and nervousness related to negative energy, trauma, sexual assault.

Protects from “psychic vampires” (those who suck your energy) and overbearing, negative people. Clears, or makes known, the roots of physical/mental illness. Protects against geopathic and electromagnetic debris.

Helps nervous pets. Put obsidian next to their bed, or affix a stone to their collar.

Pink Calcite

The Survivors Stone. Beneficial in healing from emotional trauma. The stone of peace and well-being. Eases tension and anxiety, prevents nightmares and enhances self-worth and self-acceptance. Helps to release fear and grief. Aids in the forgiveness process. Eases and heals the heart chakra. Enhances the flow of Divine energy from the crown chakra down through the heart chakra. Boosts self-confidence and self-esteem. Enhances compassion toward others.


The stone of the Compassionate Heart. Increases courage to face your traumas and gives you strength to overcome them. Helps you shift from survival mode back into everyday reality. The stone relates to and supports your inner child. Assists in deep emotional healing and boosts feelings of self-worth. Opens the heart, lifts depression and eases emotional distress. Assists the heart chakra.

Wear, carry or meditate with this stone to increase cheer. It is mentally stimulating. Increases creativity, dream states and a sense of personal power. Allows you to spontaneously express your feelings and can enhance passion and sexuality

This stone is also said to provide healing for Mother Earth. Use it in your prayers and meditations for our planet and environment.


A stone of strength that assists in healing emotional scars and wounds. A stone for the heart chakra, opening one to unconditional love. Helps with feelings of powerlessness. It is a calming stone that eases hurt, enabling one to better cope with pain, hurt or trauma. Increases self-love and personal growth. Eases anger, calms stress and soothes anxiety.

Rose quartz

A widely known stone with a multitude of uses. The stone of Universal Love. It helps those who suffer from depression as it is very comforting. Provides soothing and healing energy for the heart chakra. Purifies the heart chakra, easing the forgiveness process. Assists you in being gentle with yourself and developing self-love as well as unconditional love for others. Helps with Stress Management. Restores harmony and trust in relationships. A go to stone for almost any emotional imbalance or heart chakra healing.

Smoky quartz

This is an extremely grounding stone useful in mental/emotional healing and meditation. The stone transforms negative energy into positive energy, elevating the mood and relieving depression. Holding this stone in your left hand can block repetitive negative thinking. Use this Stone to clear your life path, removing negativity. This may be done symbolically and ceremonially by placing the stone in the ground at your front door.

Also helps when you're feeling overworked, frazzled, overwhelmed and stressed out. It helps you tolerate your situations as you work through them.


The stone of logic, truth and inner peace. It is deeply connected to the heart. A calming stone that facilitates inner tranquility. A stone of truth that opens communication and soothes disagreements and arguments, making them easier to work through. Reduces negativity and increases positive energy, helping you work through your conflicts with others. Sodalite is a filter that helps clear negative environmental energy. It helps you see the brighter side of a situation.

Sodalite is known as The Poets Stone or the Writers Stone, as it supports an non-negative, unbiased communicative energy that is beneficial to writers.

Improves spiritual perception and understanding of messages. Enhances knowledge of healing on the spiritual level. Increases intuitive abilities. Opens up the subconscious mind and throat chakras, thereby increasing knowledge of the unconscious mind and communicating the truthfulness therein.


Lifts the mood and provides a more positive outlook. Infuses the emotional body with an energy of lightness. This is a gentle Stone to use if you are someone who is highly sensitive to stones with stronger energy

Tiger's eye

This stone combines the energy of the Earth with the energy of the Sun and provides a balanced vibrational healing. It is grounding while also lifting your energy, subsequently providing more positive thinking. It is a protective stone that has been used to ward off ill wishes against the user. It protects your aura from negativity of those around you. Brings comfort in confrontational situations and while being around negative people. Its golden hue increases feelings of self-worth and self-love, helping you fight against oppression and depression.


Has strong healing and grounding properties. Repels negativity and invites happiness and spiritual healing. Helps one overcome the past and let it go. Provides emotional protection when you are overwhelmed. Aids in balancing aspects of your inner self. Assists in developing intuition. Brings a renewed sense of enthusiasm and joy, relinquishing depression.

As seen here, there are a multitude of crystals and stones that can ease the mind and emotions as individuals go through a healing process, but they are not a substitute for medical care or treatment. Contact a mental health practitioner if you are experiencing depression, excessive anxiety, trauma or other mental health issues. Use Crystals and Stones in conjunction with professional treatments.

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